Early collection >

Contacting your customers already before the invoices due date

Receivables purchase >

Protourion is prepared to analyze and purchase receivables portfolio

Out of court basis >

Contact with debtor is carried out through reminders

Judicial receivable enforcement >

Debt collection through Law Firm

Receivable enforcement and management

PROTOURION Slovakia, s.r.o. is the experienced company operating in the field of receivable enforcement and management. Our objective is to provide superior services throughout Slovakia, which result is effective receivable enforcement considering on existing business relations.

We do our work excellent thanks to combination of several factors. The base of debt collection agency is experienced team, which has financial and legal education, extensive experiences, working methods and advanced software for debt management.

Using this knowledge and latest trends, we offer precise management of any number of receivables and high effeciency at the meeting.  The emphasis we put on maximum flexibility and individual approach to clients, including the creation of specific solutions and practices.

We take care of your receivables intensively.

Protourion Slovakia, s.r.o., member of Association of Slovak Collection Agencies ASINS