Frequently Asked Questions concerning receivable enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions concerning receivable enforcement

Are you creditor?

1. What shall I do if I have oustanding invoices, or other receivables?

Do not hesitate and contact our company. We give you an individual price offer and after consent we can do wjat we know the best – collection! The next step is setting up preventive steps to prevent occurrence of such situations. 

2. My foreign customer did not pay my invoice who shall I contact?

We assure international debt collection throught our own employees or foreign partner organizations, which can collect in the environment they know the best. Communication in slovak language with us is a big advantage.

3. Why is PROTOURION, collection agency, more successfull in debt collection than internal receivable enforcement?

Our main service is just collection and receivable management, we do it to the full and every day. Experiences in dealing with debtors, lawyers, executors, police, bankruptcy trustees brought us a lot more experience than can be obtained in internal receivable enforcement. Internal receivable enforcement has its place as tool of receivable management and we advise to our clients with its set up. 

We would like to frees you from having a lengthy and expensive communication and allow you to focus all resources on your core business.

4. Why decide for PROTOURION, collection agency?

years of experience nad excellent success of enforcement

educated, experienced and motivated staff team

first step within 24 hours from hand over the receivable

ensure of debt

lawyers with many years of specializing in receivables

individual approach to clients and debtors

effective communication with clients via reports 

treatment of business records related to the debt and subsequently effective debt collection 

daily updated databes of companies and private persons in Slovakia 

collection specialists communicate fluent English 

debt collection process is automated

procedures are evaluated by specialists in law, economics and psychology

5. How much shall I pay to you to solve my receivable? 

Pre-pay nothing! Our company has a right for commission after the debtor pays receivable of its part. Generally the commission is counted as agreed percentage from paid amount. The commission depends on the extent of cooperation, volume of cast receivables, amount and age of receivables.

6. How do I get the information on statement of my receivable?

It is automatic to provide a special service, regular reporting, ie information on statements on cases on regular basis.

7. What does happen, when debtor is not able or cannot pay the debt?

If it is not possible to collect the receivable in out of cour receivable enforcement, we offer the possibility to continue in your receivable enforcement by means of our legal office, whichc is specialized on legal standards related to receivable enforcement. It is important to correctly determine the suitability of use of judicial receivable enforcement. We will send you price offer for individual Collection Case before judicial receivable enforcement. After acceptation, we will initiate judicial proceeding. Afterall we also ensure seizure receivable enforcement in full extent, so you do not have to do anything and we will inform you on progress and statemenet of individual cases.

Are you debtor?

1. I have received reminder from you, what shall I do?

Pay your commitment on stated bank account with right variable symbol!

Shall you have any queries or questions contact our employees urgently on tel: +421 2 638 10 215 or via e-mail

Not solving the debt you are only making your situation worse. You are forcing us to proceed to the activities, which can maek your life unpleasant in a significant way. Made steps can result in lower or none credibility in other financial institutions (banks, leasing and installment companies,...); significant growth of your debt, blocking your property,... Time sacrificed in solving the debt in judicial receivable enforcement is much higher than the settlement in out of court receivable enforcemenet.

2. Why is total debt amount on reminder higher than the original debt?

Total debt amount on reminder was increased by interest for late payments, contractual penalties, or other recovery costs, Therefore, we recommend to pay the total debt amount as soon as possible, so the interest will not increase more.

3. How should I realize payments?

ON each reminder there are payment details (bank, bank account no., variable symbol, ao), in case you do not have the reminder, please contact us on tel. no. +421 2 638 10 215  or via e-mail on It is possible to realize the payment by bank transfer, bank cash deposit or money postal order. 

4. I cannot pay whole debt amount now, how can I settle the commitment?

If the debtor truly wishes to pay its debt, we offer agreement on installments, ie commitment will be paid by installments agreed in advance.