Providing complex services in receivables management involves many different activities that lead to the ultimate goal – an effective satisfaction of existing debt

We offer you the possibility to solve your receivables by following services:

  • Brand Rental
  • Potential Partner Review
  • Early Collection
  • Purchase of Receivables
  • Out of Court Receivable Enforcement
  • Judicial Receivable Enforcement
  • Seizure Receivable Enforcement
Brand Rental
This means the lease of our company logo. 
Potential Partner Review 
This service will let you know your potential business partner before you make a deal/deliver services and goods.
Early Collection 
It is intended for companies with more invoices or subscribers (more than 20). This is a regular contact with your customers while invoices is due, during which we will learn in a cultured way from your customer, if the exact invoice will be paid on time.
Purchase of Receivables
Sale of receivables is a solution which brings our customers a quick monetization of receivables, getting rid of "bad" portfolio of receivables whose recovery is complicated and costly. 

Out of Court Receivable Enforcement

It is a service of classic "recovery" of claims. Contact with the debtor is made by written and telephone reminders, sending SMS and personal contact. 

Judicial Receivable Enforcement

In the case of failure to recover the debt amount in the out of cout collection, we offer you the continued recovery of your claim through our law firm. The speed of the proceedings will increase the enforceability of the law even in the event of an enforceable procedure. 

Seizure Receivable Enforcement

If the liable person - your debtor fails to fulfill his obligation inposed on him in a lawful and efnforceable decision in a timely and timely manner, we will ensure enforcement of the decision through the enforcing office in accordance with Act No. 233/1995 Coll - on bailiffs and execution activities - Enforcement order. 

Protourion Slovakia, s.r.o., member of Association of Slovak Collection Agencies ASINS